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Serving Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and S Ft Myers

Please contact us for further details about arranging a tailored concealed carry, kids gun safety, home defense, active shooter or any other custom firearm related class in your home or place of business. We've conducted classes in various locations such as single family homes,  small businesses, condos to downtown 5th Ave South businesses. This flexibility allows us to tailor the information to the environment you live/work in, instead of some 20x20 classroom with 30 strangers. 


We are proud to announce that we are the authorized SIRT pistol dealer for Southwest Florida and offer the following models, SIRT 110 Pro Training Pistol with metal slide and Red/Green Lasers (Normally $439 special price of $379), SIRT 107 Pro with metal slide and Red/Green lasers (Normally $449 special price of $389), SIRT 110 Performer with polymer slide and Red/Green Lasers (Normally $339 special price of $289), SIRT 107 Pro with metal slide and Red/Red lasers (Normally 349 special price of $299), SIRT 110 Training Pistol with Red/Red lasers (Normally $210 special price of $195) , SIRT 110 Training Pistol Zombie model with green polymer slide and Red/Green lasers (Normally $339 special price of $289).

Each comes with a weighted removable magazine (additional magazines are $22)  and allows you to practice multiple essential firearm skills that would otherwise not be possible in some environments. Both models have a rail accessory attachment allowing you to train with your weapon light.

 If you are serious about becoming a better shooter but are limited in the amount of time you can get to the range, then this is the training tool for you. The ability to have a dry fire shot indicator without having to constantly manually recock the hammer (extremely dangerous habit to develop) and the dual laser function, one of which is showing the trigger take up indicator and the other on the trigger break itself is what separates the SIRT pistols from all the rest. The new SIRT pocket pistol is similar in size to the Glock 43 and has the same pricing as the 110 models.  The SIRT 110 model is similar to the size of a G17 and the SIRT 107 model is similar to the size and feel of an M&P.

 I now use the SIRT Training Pistols including the new pocket pistol in all our concealed firearm, home defense, gun safety, active shooter and low light classes to show you how valuable of a training tool I believe it to be.

We offer several at home weapon classes to include Concealed Weapon Courses, Home Defense, Children's Gun Safety, Rifle, Shotgun, Low Light and more.  We have over 14 years of current and practical firearm and use of force instruction. We offer classes to suit new to experienced firearm owners.

We instruct individuals to small groups and bring ALL the required equipment to you. (No extra fees, No extra trips to secondary locations, etc). Even if you never plan on obtaining your concealed license, taking this course will give you the confidence to know how to properly handle a firearm should that need ever arise.

We were the first to offer the weapon classes at home concept that so many have tried to copy. Take a look at our bio page to see how we stand out from our competition.  Do not rely on an instructor with just a basic certificate that they earned in a few days to teach you the skills needed in  a life and death situation. I hold over 30 firearm and tactics related certificates and 14 years of active instruction. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed in the level of instruction that you receive in any of our weapon courses at home, no matter your current skill level, beginner to advanced.  

  (863)  559-2600