Instructor Bio- B.G.

1992-2000  U.S. ARMY with 3rd Infantry and 82nd Airborne divisions and serving overseas in deployments such as Operation Joint Guard and Operation Joint Endeavor (Bosnia)
2000- present   Law Enforcement employment with both small and large Florida Agencies
2003- present   High Liability Law Enforcement Instructor in  General Firearms, Rifle, Shotgun, Select Fire weapons, TASER, Use of force, Reality Based Training, Active Shooter and more.
2003- present   SWAT: serving positions as the Explosive Breach Team Leader, Entry Team Leader and more,  SWAT Instructor mechanical, ballistic, explosive entry, Flash Sound Diversionary Device, Specialty Impact Munitions, Chemical Agent, Low Light Engagements, Vehicle Engagements, Dynamic and Static Entry techniques, SWAT School instructor since 2005, Weapons armorer in M16/AR15, 1911 pistols  and Mp5, Personally involved in real life active shooter, hostage, barricade and Officer involved shooting situations along with six large scale multi jurisdictional SWAT incidents dealing with active suspects who had either shot or killed Law Enforcement Officers.

 •Instructed courses for In Service and Academy Training (10-100 members) through Multi Jurisdictional Training (100-300 members).

•Adjunct Law Enforcement Instructor- Polk State College (Academy- Firearms, Advanced- Active Shooter)

•USF Bachelor of Science in Criminology/Psychology

•Published author in three highly regarded Law Enforcement magazines

•Given presentations for organizations such as National Tactical Officers Association, International Breachers Symposium and International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators.

Do not let your training experience come from an individual who only knows one way of doing something because they sat through a few day course and received an "instructor" certificate. Your life may depend on the training you receive.

Please do your homework on your instructor. Here is a brief list of my certificates I hold. 

Weapons/Tactics Related

FDLE- General Firearms
FDLE- General Instructor Techniques 
Training at Speed of Life- Reality Based Training Instructor (simunitions/airsoft/utm/force on force/ marking cartridges) 
Simunition- Scenario Instructor and Safety certification 
NRA- Range Safety Officer
NRA- Certified Home Firearm Safety Certified Pistol
NRA- Basics of Pistol Shooting
PCSO- Shotgun Instructor 
PCSO- Police Rifle 
PCSO- Police Rifle Instructor 
PCSO- M16/AR15 familiarization 
PCSO- MP5 4/7/-4/11/2003
Glock- Glock Armorer 
Colt- Colt .45 (1911) Armorer 
Colt- Colt M16/AR15 Armorer 
HK- HK Mp5 Armorer 
NTOA- Select Fire Instructor (full, auto, burst, any make)
Strategos- Strategies of Vehicle Engagements 
Tac one- Active Shooter 
ALICE- Active Shooter Instructor
Olive- Dignitary Witness Protection  
FSA- Tactical Handgun/Subgun/Shotgun and low light survival course
Strategos- Low light/ No light/ weapon light and handheld - Strategies of Low Light Engagements 
NTOA- Shotgun Breaching 
TEES- Breaching (Mechanical, Shotgun, Thermal, Explosive) 
PCSO- Basic Swat 
PCSO- Instructed basic/adv SWAT for military SRT 
PCSO- Advanced SWAT/ Hostage Rescue
OP TAC- Hostage Rescue
Passenger Train Emergency Response Training 
Taser- Taser m26 x26 Instructor 
NTOA- Flash Sound Diversionary Device & Less Lethal Instructor 
NTOA- Chemical Agent Instructor 
NTOA- Cell Extraction 
PCSO- EVOC driving 
PCSO- Mobile Field Force 
SPJC- Kinesic Interviews 
New Mexico Tech- Incident response to terrorist bombings 
New Mexico Tech- LE response to suicide bombing attacks 
TEES- Explosive Entry Course 
FSA- Explosive Breaching 
TEES-Explosive Entry Course 
TEES- Explosive Handlers Course 
Olive- Advanced Explosive Entry Course  
Cooper- LE fitness 
Op Tac- Swat Fitness Specialist 

Blue Line Breachers, LLC is not your average company. We believe in teaching tactics and techniques that have been proven to work in today's ever changing environments.

We believe that every day is a training day.

As a wise old General once said, a mans

education is not over until he dies. 

Our old school work ethic and dedication to our  Country

and its members are parallel to none.

All of our metal products are 100% made here in America.

Such as our extra heavy duty vehicle gun safe that was designed by current

Law Enforcement explosive breachers to secure and contain explosives from theft. We assure you its the hardest target on the market in portable  security for all of your sensitive items.

All of our products and techniques are used by us, to protect and defend our most precious assets, our Country, Family and Freedoms.  

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Always Train for the 1%